Top 6 Marketing Tactics And Strategies To Follow In 2021

Top 6 Marketing Tactics And Strategies To Follow In 2021

Most businesses assume that they just need to create a product or service and then the customers would come to them, which is not true in reality. They spend years trying to perfect the product without going to the market. 

A good marketing funnel first acquires the customers, builds a community, understands the needs of the customers, and then creates a product that perfectly fits the need. Once a good market fit product is achieved everything else can be automated.

Sometimes, the best way to improve your digital marketing strategy is by applying these top 6 Marketing Tactics And Strategies For Your Business.

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

What Is A Digital Branding Strategy?

Digital Branding Strategy

A Digital Branding Strategy is how you communicate your brand’s identity to consumers online intending to increase customer loyalty and sales. Your brand is everything you do. With this understanding you can create your core branding statement by answering this question briefly: why does your business exist? Your answer should be in terms of solving a problem for a market.

Why Does Your Business Need A Digital Branding Strategy?

Top 6 Marketing Tactics And Strategies

There are 4.66 billion active internet users as of 2021. That is 60% of the planet’s population. The possibility is far greater online than with any traditional strategy. With the whole world going digital if your business is not online that means you are not running a business.

Top 6 Marketing Tactics And Strategies For Your Business

Traditional marketing techniques are crucial for building a long-term marketing strategy. But to boost your visibility, you need to diversify your marketing efforts. Rise above the noise. Do something your competitors haven’t done yet. And you’ll see your audience start noticing you. Check out Hubspot resources to understand the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.

The Art And Science Of Getting Customers

The Art And Science Of Getting Customers

In today’s world attracting qualified leads is challenging but not impossible. Driving traffic to your website is not the same as getting customers. The business will not pay for just the traffic though driving traffic is the first and important part of the equation.

Traffic can be driven only if you create content, even if you are driving paid traffic, the traffic needs to land on a page with content. So content comes first. Businesses need to invest in content marketing in the first place because the content is the king of the process.

Once you have the content, then you can drive traffic to it via SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Your Communication Referrals, Native Ads, and more.

Traffic that lands on your website will just leave if you do not capture them, so you need to convert visitors into leads. To do that you need a lead magnet. It can be an ebook, downloadable content copy, Checklist resources, and more.

Nurturing Your Leads

Nurturing your Leads

Once you have leads, leads will not turn into customers automatically. You need to nurture them and help them in making the right decision throughout their buying journey. So here comes the picture of Email Marketing

Businesses need to nurture the cold leads into warm leads. Nurturing leads can be done in automation using deep marketing. It’s a process of building trust. When your leads trust you, the sales will happen naturally without any pressure.

Segmentation Of Leads

Top 6 Marketing Tactics And Strategies

People tend to have an inherent desire to belong and this can be achieved by segmenting leads according to their details provided. Without personalization, you cannot make the marketing funnel effective.

People will only listen to you if they feel like you are talking to them. So having contact details will not be enough to personalize the communication.

Forms that collect more information about the prospect will help personalize the communication. A survey form usually works best. Segmentation is the key here.

Once the data is collected using a survey form the data needs to be passed on to the CRM/ Email Marketing tool with custom fields for every contact holding their details which leads to very high engagements and open rates.

Building Your Brand Tribe

Build Your Tribe

Your tribe will support you, give you reviews, promote your products and services as affiliates, and spread the word about your business.

You can sell your products to your tribe without spending a penny on paid advertising.

I have a different perception of using social media and paid advertising for businesses. Let me tell you why

If you have a strong marketing funnel and a tribe you will have enough revenue to run paid advertising. Instead of expecting to make a free post on social media and depending on the platform to give you more reach, just pay them to give you the reach you need for your business.

Tactics will die, strategies will not, the audience and the message are important not the platform. Build quality followers, not over quantity. So focus on your blog, build your tribe. Your tribe is nothing but the leads in your email list.

We never know, Platforms may get banned but you will not lose your followers if business starts building their tribe.

Investing In A Marketing Automation Tools

Top 6 Marketing Tactics And Strategies

When Businesses have a lot of leads, finding out the most serious leads from the junk leads cannot be done without marketing automation. 

Marketing automation helps in lead scoring based on certain criteria set by your business and many CRM tools will help you score the leads based on the lead activity within the funnel

For example, 1 point will be given for those leads who have opened your emails & 3 points will be given for those leads who have clicked your links in email, and so on

The more the score of a lead, the more engaged they are and the better the chances that they will convert into a buyer if the sales teams engage with them.

Apart from CRM tools, there are many automation tools that businesses should consider investing in to make the entire process hassle-free.

The Importance Of Personal Branding For Deep Marketing

Personal Branding

The future of marketing is personal branding. People like to connect with people, not with logos. It’s evident in the image below.

Top 6 Marketing Tactics And Strategies

A logo or a company cannot do sales, sales are always done by a human. When you do deep marketing the communication cannot come from a company it has to come from a person and the person needs to have a brand.

Create Your Brand Ecosystem

Brand Ecosystem

There are no shortcuts to success and all this stuff doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency is the key to success.

Drive traffic to your website by creating high-quality useful content, then convert visitors of your website into leads by offering them a lead magnet and build your tribe.

Nurture your leads to become your customers via deep marketing where deep marketing automation is all about building trust at scale using a personalized and automated series of messages.

The purpose of advertising is to get attention, the purpose of marketing is to build trust and the purpose of sales is to get transactionsKeerthana

This is a loop in which every business needs to invest their time and revenue to build their ecosystem.

Do you agree with building your ecosystem for your business in the future?

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