How To Rank for a Keyword Quickly in 10 Steps?

How to rank for a keyword quickly

How to rank for a keyword quickly

Everybody wishes to get ranked for their keyword quickly on google but not everyone follows the correct strategy to rank for a keyword quickly.

There are lot of many other different strategies used to rank for a keyword but what i discuss is good for those whose is getting started with SEO.

In this Blog I ll explain you how you can rank for a keyword quickly by following these strategies.

Step 1 : Choose Your Keyword Phrase To Rank Quickly

Consider Keywords into 3 categories

  1. Short Term Keyword
  2. Medium Term Keyword
  3. Long Tail Keyword

Short term keywords are those which are considered to be a single word keyword. example: “Pizza”

Pizza is short term keyword where most of the seo or digital marketing people from food industry dealing with pizza delivery would be targeting

let me tell you the competition will be at its peak and I personally consider it to be a waste of out time to run campaigns targeting those short term keywords.

Medium Term Keywords: Those keywords phrase which contains two or 3 words together is called as medium term keywords. Example: “Pizza Online”

Pizza online is a medium term keyword. again there will be a lots of competition here. so lets not waste out time discussing about these stuff 😉

Long tail Keywords are those which contains atleast 3 or more words together as a keyword phrase. Example: “Buy Pizza online under 500”

You might see the different types of keywords by now. let me put all together for better understanding

  1. Short term Keyword – Pizza
  2. Medium term Keyword – Pizza Online
  3. Long term Keyword – Buy Pizza online under 500

As compared to short term keywords & Medium term Keywords, competition will be less when Long tail keywords are considered because not many will be targeting those keywords. so it will be a smart move to focus on long tail keywords

Step 2 : Include Your Keyword Phrase In The Title

Many people add amazing titles to their blog but simple forget to include their keyword in their title

Now, you know what is a long tail keyword and how to selectively choose your keyword phrase, dont forget to include your keyword phrase in your title.

Step 3: Include Your Keyword Phrase In The Meta Description

Meta Descriptions are usually 140 characters which allows you to tell your readers what benefits them from your blog.

Its shown in the search results below the Title & url of the article. Make sure to include your keyword phrase in the meta description as well.

Step 4: Include Your Keyword Phrase In The Permalink

Permalinks are nothing but the url of your article or post.

you will be able to find it in the settings option at the backend of your wordpress dasboard.

Its looks like this “” or “”

Those are meant for the navigation purpose.

make sure to include your keyword phrase in the permalink to rank for keyword quickly.

Example: Permalink of this particular post is keyword-quickly

Step 5: Include Your Keyword Phrase In The Body of The Content

Please dont skip this step as this is very crucial in terms of seo score. Formula to include your keywords phrase in the body of the content = 10 % of your blog word count. Do not try to stuff keywords.

Step 6: Include Your Keyword Phrase In The Alt Text

Include High quality images, you can get free images from websites like, and many more.

Do not just download images from those website and upload it into your website.

You have to compress the images to reduce the file size of the image which makes your website loads faster.

Then re-name your image with your target keyword phrase and also explain about the image in the description box provided.

Trust me not everyone follows everything, so if you consider these 10 steps then you will be far better than many struggling to get started.

Step 7: Include Your Keyword Phrase In The Sub-headings

Try to have segments in your article which actually breaks down your article into smaller sections where you will get a chance a add sub-headings.

In my case its the 10 steps which im considering as sub headings. apart from seo point of view its also good for users reading your blog to navigate through your article quickly.

Step 8: Include Your Keyword Phrase In The Anchor Text

Whenever you are sending out any external links or trying to link within your existing articles which is considered to be as internal linking. Include your anchor texts as keyword phrase.

Step 9: Include Internal Links To Rank For A Keyword Quickly

Its a good practice to engage your website for as long as possible by suggesting them what to read next when they end up reading your blog post.

So include atleast 4 to 5 internal links which you think is relevant to your existing blog.

Step 10: Include Outgoing Links To Rank For A Keyword Quickly

Many miss out this and dont realize the power of networking with other bloggers.

its always a good practice to network with other bloggers and send backlinks & get backlinks for your website which in return builds the authority of your website

So dont miss a change to inlcude your keywords phrase in anchor texts.

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