Is Marketing Worthless? 5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Marketing

By the end of this article, you will get to know the power of marketing and you will also be able to answer this question “ Is marketing Worthless ?”. As we are already in the digital marketing era where everything is done online today understanding the proper strategy behind the marketing for a marketer would be crucial, so if you are a beginner then trust me you will be overwhelmed by this article. According to Statista, The digital advertising expenditure in India stood at 160 billion Indian rupees in the fiscal year 2019, with estimates to reach almost 540 billion rupees by the fiscal year 2024. This marks a good 28 percent growth rate in digital ad spends in the country.

From the above data, you could understand the future of Digital Marketing and it is certainly booming in India. But Before Getting into Digital Marketing understanding the fundamentals of marketing would be beneficial for the long term success. I will also be discussing a few known factors the could change your perspective of marketing.

1. Fundamentals of Marketing

In simplest terms, marketing is the act of driving profitable customer action. we need to be sure of the purpose of marketing and that should be to build a brand and capture a position in the minds of the customers.

Managing and understanding your customer’s needs plays the next important role here and this can be achieved by getting into customers’ shoes and analyzing in their point of view, similar research could also help us in understanding the customer’s buying behavior better. Marketing is not just about selling, it’s about keeping your existing customers happy with good communication so that they remain a customer for life hence possessing good communication skills is also essential.

Marketing is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time and if you follow this properly I’m sure that you will stand out from the competition and it is cost-effective too. This can be achieved by analyzing data from your google analytics or Google ads manager dashboard where you will find a lot regarding your customer’s details such as age, gender, location, status, etc. research on it thoroughly and customize your future advertisements accordingly

Have you ever thought of whats comes first is it Marketing or creating a product/service? The answer is marketing because Marketing starts before creating a product, it starts with understanding your ideal customers. so don’t wait for your products to be finished start marketing it to the world with useful content on it. customers also need some time to understand you and your products that fit them. so basically stop waiting for the ideal time for marketing.

One of the biggest myths about marketing is that only the ads with attractive slogans will work but it’s not the fact. Marketing is based on science, not on creativity. The main key point is to be definite about your target audience and the medium through which you will be reaching your customers.

Never let marketing overcome the quality of the product. Don’t even think of compromising the quality of the product because if your quality is not up to the mark then sustaining in the digital marketing field would be difficult and on the other hand, if your quality is damn good then you would not be required to market for that particular product in future as it starts selling itself by the most powerful way of marketing which is via word of mouth.

2. Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

While having a marketing budget is important for any small business, it’s equally important to spend it in the right direction and make the most of it. How do you know where to spend it when it comes to digital marketing vs traditional marketing?

For many businesses, reaching the right “marketing” decision is not easy, even though it can make a huge difference in their results.

By gaining clarity on the digital marketing vs traditional marketing aspect, a business can get a better idea of which marketing method is appropriate and how it is should be applied.

Traditional marketing is nothing new as it’s a form of marketing that we have been exposed to at one point or another. It is a convenient mode of marketing that helps to reach out to a semi-targeted audience with various offline advertising and promotional methods such as newspapers, magazines, tv, and radio. Digital marketing or online marketing refers to marketed related work done through the Internet via different social media platforms. the social media platforms might change but the marketing concepts remain unchanged.

If your product is generic with a very wide targeting then tv ads can reach millions at a low cost but Personalised messages marketing, Deep marketing, and natural sales cannot be made via traditional marketing which are the few disadvantages of traditional marketing

The reach of digital marketing is nowhere close to tv ads based on reach. but still, via digital marketing, we can convey personalized messages to the customers which are treated to be the most powerful techniques of marketing.

So based on your target audience and the purpose of marketing choose the marketing techniques wisely.

3. CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction. Every sales process undergoes this CATT marketing funnel. It can be represented in a numerical fashion as Wealth = n ^ CATT where n stands for a niche.

  • Niche selection: one has to choose a niche to stand out from the competition in today’s world based on his/her passion, talent, and understanding of the market. only when your selected niche lies within this common interest you would be able to succeed in the future or else you will end up getting frustrated and eventually quitting your dreams.
  • Content: After selecting your specific niche it is always essential to have good content on the platforms in order to attract people from your niche. you can create useful content on your blog posts, create videos, sending emails, and launching live webinars, etc, but make sure you remain consistent in whatever you do. Consistency is the key to success in digital marketing.
  • Attention: When you are done with creating useful content on various platforms it is now time to drive the attention of your target customers using SEO, Facebook ads, google ads, etc. This will bring you tremendous results if you are doing paid ads properly by analyzing your target customers and of course your content needs to be the king.
  • Trust: Now when you have your ideal customers engaging with your content using paid ads building trust with them is crucial and this can be achieved by doing Deep marketing ie. with the help of marketing automation we can get in touch with our target customers in a personalized way which in fact makes them feel more comfortable and eventually build trust on us and also we can retarget them using the same tactics.
  • Transaction: Finally when you have really good content, ideal customers, and their trust in you its now time to make the sales pitch on them wherein we are converting your leads into actual customers by creating sales pages, getting on a sales call, and conducting sales webinars, etc.

Make sure that you don’t skip any stages of the CATT funnel. if you do so then you would end up losing your ideal customers forever.

4. Integrated Digital Marketing

Many of us approach Digital marketing in the wrong way by just concentrating on one element at a time which can be SEO alone, just email marketing, or some prefer to go with paid ads only, but we never realize that all these can be integrated and can be used as a powerful Digital Marketing Machine which can be more effective than utilizing them individually.

Instead of doing the paid advertisement for your products/ services directly, you can drive attention to your content at first, as I already mentioned that the transaction part would be at the end of the CATT marketing funnel, so don’t execute your sales pitch at the beginning. First, ask for attention, not for payments.

So once when the customers land on your content then they can be trapped to your email marketing funnel by signing up for your newsletter subscription and now it’s your time to build trust in them, create awareness about you in them, and also people might come through the SEO as well. In return, your website will be ranked high in the future.

Eventually, you can also share your content on the social media platforms if your customers find them interesting and useful they will share it back again which in return increases your brand or personal awareness, and then through social media platforms, they will end up to your website and the cycle repeats. finally, customers will be comfortable paying for your products/ services based on the trust you build on them. Integration is all about building trust via all Marketing tactics at once.

5. Personal Branding — Mass Trust Blueprint

At some point in time, everyone wants to build their personal brand as it feels empowered. To achieve it you need to strictly follow the mass trust blueprint which is a proven method by Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju who is known for his knowledge in the Digital Marketing field.

Choosing the right niche can make you win half of the competition out there. your success and wealth depend on the niche you choose. In today’s world don’t try to be the No 1 rather be the only one, if you cannot be a leader in a category be a leader in the subcategory and move forward with a unique angle via your personal brand.

The evolution of personal branding is explained below via steps to be followed.

  1. Learn: Take an action to get started with, learn a new skill through concept, facts, and procedure, understand the concept, remember the fact, and practice the procedure.
  2. Work: Now that you have learned a new skill try to practice it by working for a company or by doing freelancing projects or start with your own projects. Go from practice to implementation.
  3. Blog: Write about what you have learned and experienced through your work. when you write you understand it better and eventually you will also build your personal brand.
  4. Consult: Now that you have a personal brand through your blog, people will start consulting you based on your work experience for their business marketing solutions. Take this opportunity, explore new skills, and keep learning as this cycle never ends.
  5. Mentor: when you have an experience of consulting business for their marketing solution which will be a 1:1 consulting, you can also start consulting 1: many by mentoring people who are looking to get mentored by you which will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level
  6. Startup: With all the knowledge that you have gained through Learning, working, blogging, consulting, and mentoring, develop your own products/service. Many try to skip these steps and land up on launching a startup and fail because of not undergoing these learning steps.

Make sure you don’t skip any of the steps discussed above and I’m sure you are convinced with the power of marketing and personal branding. Now, what do you feel about this question “Is marketing worthless?” please share your thoughts below. Let’s have a discussion. I will see you in the comments section.

Thank you 🙂

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