How To Find Jobs For Unemployed Engineers in 3 simple steps?

How To Find Jobs For Unemployed Engineers

If you are one of those engineer who has finished his/her degree (irrespective of your branch) recently or way back and if you are unemployed then this post is for you. This is one of those common questions “How To Find Jobs For Unemployed Engineers” amongst many youth.

Read until end and get some ideas before you leave my blog. You need to understand this fact that you are not the only person who enters into this phase in fact as per recent records 80% of the BE/BTech degree holders are jobless. so always remember its only you who can help you to handle these phases.

Okay now lets discuss about on how to work on your mindset to land on a decent job

1. Success Mindset To Find Jobs For Unemployed Engineers

I know it will be very hard for many to be jobless even after completing a decent degree especially being an “engineer”. Everybody out there will be pointing at you and making fun of you being jobless. you many loose many of your fake friends during this phase and you know what its good for you.

Even your parents might get pissed off many times at you because they would have spent their hard earned money to educate you and its obvious to get disappointed if you are being jobless.

Now with that said, its not easy! but its completely okay..!!! Accept the situation and try to make most of it in this situation. but how?

First, you need to change your mindset. I know you are here because you are an engineer & jobless. I mean to say that your current mindset is programmed to be a looser. you feel you are done with this! you feel frustrated with rejections! you might feel this the end! but trust me my friend its okay, its fine..!!! Great things take time 🙂

You need to focus on being your best version. consider it as your 2.0 version. Do what makes you happy. it might be anything apart from engineering field or even from your field too. it doesn’t matter all it matters is your passion and interest. Learn to focus on all your energy at a time in one work.

Don’t try to chase two rabbits at once, you will end up catching none. Prepare your mind to win. tell yourself that you can do it.

2. Build Upon Skills Which Interests You

I still have no idea that why we engineers are forced to enter into a IT domain irrespective of our branch. Okay i understand if you join as a software developer if you are done with your computer science engineering but i know many from electrical & electronics engineering, electronics & communication shocking is even mechanical and civil branch students are forced to enter into IT sector in the name of campus placements.

It not necessary that you have to follow your own field unless and until you are okay with it. There are many skills which are in trend in India especially after Covid 19 pandemic such as Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Content Marketing and many more. Figure out what interests you in which you can work all the day without complaining any. Invest in yourself and build your skills at the first place by taking some online courses from reputed websites like coursera, linkedin, udemy and many more.

3. Land On The War Field

Once when you are upgraded with the necessary skills, you will start gaining confidence. You will achieve your 2.0 version as we discussed in earlier sections. Now its time to land on the war field ie., start applying for jobs which best describes your skill set.

You might have this questions, where do I begin to search for jobs? which platform is best? okay lets break out your queries in this way.

I personally recommend Linkedin. Its just because I saw the results for myself. You can check out my profile here.

Create an account in linkedin, optimize your profile. if you want me to write a blog on how to optimize your linkedin profile comment below as “We want linkedin profile optimization blog”. connect with recruiters, key decision makers such as CEO, Head of the department people.

Add value to the community and showcase your skills and its not that you are active today in linkedin and you forget about it for 3 days. Consistency is the key to success here.

Do Let me know in the comments below if this post brought you some confidence to begin with! I will be happy to help you all 🙂

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