Want To Start Your Career In Digital Marketing 2021?

Are you unemployed? Are you tired of finding a job? Is that making you depressed? Do you feel stuck in your career? Or do you wish to become an entrepreneur but have no idea where to begin or do you want to switch your career but have no relevant work experience?

If you belong to the above-mentioned category then this blog is for you. At the end of this blog, I’m sure you will be overwhelmed with the ideas and you will definitely feel confident.

All of the above-mentioned issues can be resolved by mastering your skills in Digital Marketing as digital marketing is booming in India. After this 2020 year pandemic, we all agree with the fact that non of the jobs are secured and we should definitely have multiple streams of income to sustain in this situation, so digital marketing can give you that freedom to earn extra even without quitting your full-time job.

Let’s understand what is Digital Marketing

Consider Digital Marketing in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Audience
  2. Platform
  3. Traffic

Audience: The first step is to have an idea about your audience. Consider the audience as a group of people, who like what you are and who like what you have to offer them as a product or service. At the initial stages, you will not have any audience to start with, in that case, you have to do market research and create your customer avatar.

Platform: The Second Step is to have your own platform, This Platform will be your foundation where you will showcase your products or services to your target audience. you will basically create your WordPress website in this step.

Traffic: The final step is to drive traffic to your website. There are basically two methods which you can consider.

  1. Paid Traffic: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Youtube Ads2
  2. Organic Traffic: SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing.

Once you drive traffic via any of the above methods you should make sure that you give your users such a good experience that they land up on buying your services or products and this cycle repeats.

How to get started with Digital Marketing?

Good News! You actually don’t need any prior experience/ any kind of prerequisite to get started with digital marketing, unlike the other field.

Consider an example: If you want to join XYZ company as a software developer, you need to master all programming languages but in the case of digital marketing, you can learn by doing it.

All I can say is, anyone with a laptop & a good internet connection can ideally get started with digital marketing. start blogging & get results for your blog in that case you will gain a lot of experience.

Various Opportunities in the digital marketing field

1. Finding your Dream Job

I recommend you first build upon your skills related to the job your applying for. As I told you earlier you can start learning by working for yourself & get results for yourself (own website). Companies don’t want to hear your experience, they want to visualize your experience and you will able to fulfill that requirement by presenting your project (own website).

2. Digital Freelancing

If you are not comfortable in performing a typical 9-5 Job then you can opt for digital freelancing as your career by serving world-wide clients via digital marketing services. It could be SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Email Automation, etc. But remember you need to master the skills required to serve your client because people come to you because of who you are and stay with you for a long time because of what you do.

3. Digital Marketing Agency

This is just the next level of digital Freelancing where you will scale up your business and build your team and serve clients all over the world.

4. Digital Mentor

If you have followed all the above sequences and by the time you reach the last option that is the digital mentor you will be flooded with all required knowledge required for digital marketing then you can mentor people who want to start their career as digital marketers & help others like you.

After understanding the various opportunities involved in digital marketing I’m sure your mind is filled with ideas now! then you are on the right track.

All I want to say is get started! no matter what, don’t wait for an ideal time in fact there is no such ideal time at all, so please get started…

Don’t wait for things to happen! Make it Happen…

How do you make it happen? 

By consistency & Hardwork 🙂

 – Keerthana Jagadeesh

Link to Mind Map discussed in the video: https://mm.tt/1650970866?t=Uo8L39Pvxn

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  1. hello Keerthana,

    I am a complete beginner in the world of making money online. i have just launched a simple t-shirt design on Redbubble.com and have a jvzoo/worrior+ account gaining some affiliate links to post around.

    your videos have really helped me and they also gave me an idea!!

    would you be interested in 20% commission on any sales made through the affiliate links i would send you? i don’t expect you to do any promotional work just pin my comment to the top of your comments section of videos already uploaded.

    Obviously you can view and give full discretion on the links and products on offer.

    Every two weeks ill check sales and send you your cut via bank transfer or paypal.

    let me know if its something that interests you.

    Thank you for your videos


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