How To Get A Digital Marketing Job in 2021?

How to get digital marketing job in 2021

Hi guys, Today let’s discuss the topic “how to get a digital marketing job in 2021?

Build your skills

The first step is to build upon your respective skills irrespective of your fields and you can consider online courses, offline courses and you also learn from various internet channels as well and do complete market research on getting a digital marketing job in 2021.

Some how make sure you build your skills at the first place.

Next, before talking about my approach towards finding a job. Let’s discuss some of the common approaches and mistakes which we end up doing while searching for a job

Spending time on building resume

I’m not saying not to consider resume, but try not to be more attached with your designing part and instead of concentrating on building your resume, focus on your skilss in the first place & a decent resume can do much of your task

Uploading our resumes in various job portals

This is pathetic guys! stop doing it. its just a waste of your time & energy. you just end up getting junk emails from consultancies.

Why do you think people do this when they know it doesn’t work anymore? it’s simply because they just don’t know the better way to approach and they are just stuck with the old approach which will not work anymore.

Role of HR people

This is one of those things which is misunderstood by many of us. Many of the start ups dont have HR department in their team at all. That doesnt mean that they dont hire people.

HR department exists to handle things such as employee satisfaction, office space, payroll & other formalities.

Now how can you expect them to judge you based on your digital marketing skills which they themselves don’t know the ABC of digital marketing?

So even if any of the HR people reject you, don’t feel bad about that because “They are not the right fit to judge you” and you deserve something much better than this.

Keerthu’s approach in finding a Digital Marketing Job in 2021

Now being said not to waste our time in building or designing our resume and not to contact any HR people. you might have a question of what to do next?

I’ll break down all your queries in a while and first of all, I must say you are doing a great job reading this far.

To summaries “Kill the Resume and Break up with HR

Now, what next? get in touch with the key decision-makers. who are these decision-makers? they might be the founder, co-founder, CEO, or the Head of the digital marketing team.

How to contact them? You could consider cold emails. Linkedin in-mails, tweets or meet the person at their office.

I personally use cold emails, This will do much of your task. There are plenty OF emails scraping chrome plugins that you can use to find the email addresses of key decision-makers

My Recommendations for email scraping: Hunter for scraping emails from website & Getprospect for getting emails from LinkedIn.

Now you know whom to contact & how to contact.

What should be your objective for contacting to get a Digital Marketing Job in 2021?

Attention Guys! People don’t want to hear about your experience. They want to visualize your experience. How can you make it happen? There are two approaches to it.

The first one is by working on your own project. start your own blog. Bring results to your own blog it might ve via SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.

Secondly, Provide value even before you get hired: There is a free tool called from the Hubspot team. it actually does everything for you and you need to analyze it and provide values to the company which you are applying for.

you can go through this video to understand how website audit is done & how to provide solutions to it.

Next time when you are sending mails to key decision makers. what should be your subject line?

Instead of sending it as “ Looking for a Digital Marketing job in your company” send them as ” How your website Xyz can bring more organic traffic via SEO

If you approach it via the first subject line. your mail will be deleted even before its opening but in the case of the second one, the key decision-makers will definitely be interested in understanding what’s happening with their website and they will pay attention to you

If they are really serious about improving their website, they will get in touch with you and those will be the genuine people which in turn saves a lot of your time.

Want to start your career in digital marketing? Read here…

I think I have impacted your approach towards finding a job. I hope this helps out!

What approach do you prefer now? Comment below 🙂

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